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Solo Elektro is award-winning guitarist Gwyn Ashton's new

lo-fi garage one-man stoner distorto blues-rock album. Full

of chord-crunching fuzz guitar, dirty octave dividers and

slamming kick drum, it's a 100% explosive live-in-a-room

recording, sounding retro with a modern evolution as

heard on the riff-pumped 'She Won't Tell Me’.

solo elektro

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 'Pure Genius. A masterpiece. The solo album Syd Barrett should have made.'- Paris Move, France

    'His most interesting work to date. A kaleidoscope of sonic directions. Howling blues perfection yet still stands out as curiously contemporary.' - RnR magazine, UK

    'All killer, no filler. I dare you not to be surprised and delighted with Solo Elektro. 7/8'. - Powerplay Rock and Metal, UK

    'Dripping attitude and explosive raw energies, Solo Elektro is a hearty slice of music from one of Australia’s most cherished blues rock artists’ - Rhythms, Australia 

    'A reinvention for the Australian troubadour. Solo Elektro is ambitiously written, with tracks running the gamut between alt.blues, stoner rock and Eastern-tinged, Lennon-voiced psychedelia.'- Classic Rock Magazine, UK.