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solo elektro

In the middle of a Central European solo tour, sonic explorer Ashton set up his equipment arsenal and mobile studio in a room in the Czech Republic and scattered microphones around the battlefield to track what would become his latest recorded project. With the aim of capturing his live sound onto disc, without any overdubbing, Ashton painstakingly spent each day experimenting and recording each song until the performance, timing and inspiration met together for that 'magic take'.


'This is a tough album. With Gwyn singing, cranking his amps and savagely bashing a kick drum, the crazy spill into the vocal mic had to be tamed. Isolating the drum, guitar and vocals was hard work and the end result is pretty brutal, but that's how it's meant to be'. - Mick Wordley, Mixmasters Studio, South Australia.

'Pure Genius. A masterpiece. The solo album Syd Barrett should have made.'- Paris Move, France

'His most interesting work to date. A kaleidoscope of sonic directions. Howling blues perfection yet still stands out as curiously contemporary.' - RnR magazine, UK

'All killer, no filler. I dare you not to be surprised and delighted with Solo Elektro. 7/8'. - Powerplay Rock and Metal, UK

'Dripping attitude and explosive raw energies, Solo Elektro is a hearty slice of music from one of Australia’s most cherished blues rock artists’ - Rhythms, Australia 

'A reinvention for the Australian troubadour. Solo Elektro is ambitiously written, with tracks running the gamut between alt.blues, stoner rock and Eastern-tinged, Lennon-voiced psychedelia.'- Classic Rock Magazine, UK. 

Gwyn Ashton International Recording Artist, One-Man alt Progressive blues band Solo Elektro
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